Jess Mei

​​​​​Copyright  Jess Mei. All rights reserved.


Welcome to my new  web site

 I am not a musician or singer

and I am not a  performer.

​This is not how I make a living,

I just love to write poetry and lyrics.

I have always encouraged my children,

grandchildren, nieces, nephews,

friends and anyone who would listen

to follow their dreams.

So, in 2012, I decided to

take my own advise

and with the help of family,

friends and volunteers

created the music videos

on this web site.

I could have never, ever, done it alone

and I am so grateful to everyone

who has been involved so far on

this journey of chasing a dream.

​'Nothing is impossible,

it just hasn't been done yet

and maybe you are the one

who is supposed to do it!'

​Jess Mei