Jess Mei

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My little ga$$ protest song that is simply humorous truth.. Jess Mei

​​Love that is true and sincere

will never see an end! Jess Mei

All life is precious and has no color! Jess Mei

​​Your eyes seduce me!


This was my very first music video and the only song I created by myself.

But it is not the original. The original I wrote during the 70’s gas war days in California.

I kept the chorus intact but updated the lyrics to fit what was going on in 2012

and may be going on for the unforeseeable future.

I am not a musician so I asked the studio if I had the melody and could sing the song

could they put music to the melody. They sent me back the song and I was thrilled.

So much so that I had to do a video so I hired PIA in Nashville and the rest, as they say, is history.

To make it more affordable and keep costs down I relied on family, friends, a neighbor and one volunteer that the director brought with him for talent, I sometimes kid that he is Jack Black’s half-brother, and in one afternoon we shot GASOLINE. The little girl is one of my granddaughters, the young boy my grandson and BTW he doesn’t say what you ‘think’ he says. The young woman is my favorite daughter and I played the old man.