Jess Mei

The Saint

We are proud to present our most ambitious project to date.

This was a dream come true,

​for many of the people involved,

filmed at the Whitehorse Ranch

With help from:

Mane Street Stampeded

Wild West Show




We hope you enjoy our little music video.

Love at First Sight

Sometimes, you just know!

I wrote a poem to my wife

many years ago and

my writing partner put

music to the words.

With the help of family

and friends

we created a video

based on how we got together

when we were in our teens.

If you believe in Love

give it a look and a listen.

Love that is true and sincere,

​shall never see an end.

Jess Mei

​​​​​Copyright  Jess Mei. All rights reserved.

Miracle at Work

Is a song about pregnancy and being pregnant. It’s hard to know what to say to an expectant Mother and Father. But as each of us is different, so is each pregnancy unique, and truly a

‘Miracle at Work’.

The ultrasound at the beginning of this music video is my first great grandson.

The first pregnant woman you see

is my oldest grand daughter.

This song took me 5 years,

3 pregnancies and paying attention

just to write the words.

Then my writing partner

​put music to the words and here we are some 30 years later with a music video.